About Master Lei Zhou

Master Zhou was a warrior monk from the renowned Shaolin Temple who has been very active in the martial arts community. After years of tough training and intensive study of Shaolin Kung Fu, Master Zhou has quickly risen to the top and received the honor to be accepted by the Shaolin Temple Abbot as his student.


In the past few years, Master Zhou has performed well at several tournaments and won various national and international honors and awards in the kung fu field. In 2004, he won first place in The First World Traditional Wushu Festival held by the International Wushu Federation. In 2006, he further became the champion in The Second World Traditional Wushu Championships due to his outstanding performance of Shaolin Di Tang Mei Hua Fist. Recently, he again became the winner in 2008 TCAAT Martial Arts Championship which is an international and annual athletic tournament held in the United States. Not to mention, he was also rated and chosen as the "World's Famous Martial Artist"


Aside from his extraordinary performance in different international martial arts events, Master Zhou has an outstanding martial arts background. He was a disciple of the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of kung fu and martial arts, and he was one of only few to be selected from thousands of monks to share and promote Shaolin culture in the United States.


He is bringing an important aspect of Chinese culture to the United States. Master Zhou's skills are truly special, especially his unbelievable act of supporting himself inverted on only two fingers, a extraordinary technique known as the "Two Finger Chan." He will become a great asset to the community here and help to spread the traditional Shaolin culture by providing the unique "Unity of Chan and Body" way of teaching. We aim to enrich society with our focus on strengthening both the mind and the physical body as one.


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