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2019 Seattle International Martial Arts Championship

On Sunday August 18th, 2019 Martial artists from around the world will gather to perform and compete against one another in the Seattle International Martial Art Championship. Students of Kungfu traveled from Canada and China to attend this competition. Many masters and champions of National wushu competitions performed at the event.


Many of our own students at the academy also participated in the competition, below are a list of students that won awards at the event.

Elvis Castro - 2 Gold medals 1 silver medal

Suresh Balaji – 1 Gold medal

Charlie Chen – 3 Gold medals, 1 silver medal

Don Mo – 1 Gold, 1 silver, 1 Bronze

Emily Mo – 1 Gold, 1 bronze

Alexandre Dialascalou – 3 Gold medal, 1 silver medal

John Fu – 2 Gold

Yabin Yang – 1 Silver medal

Emma Lu – 2 Gold

Shri Thashathika – 1 Bronze

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