Latin Dance

Latin Dance

from 120.00 every month

Ages: 5 - 18

Sat 11-12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm, Sun 11:10-12:00pm

Under the guidance of an expert latin dance teacher, you will learn basic and advance moves in various Latin dances and become natural at moving with grace and beauty during dance.

Program Bundle:

Latin dance is a great activity for those who want to stay in shape and do something fun. Here you will learn Latin dance under the guidance of the following teachers:

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Wilson was the first China International Ballroom Dance competitor. In 1987, he won the first

national Ballroom Dance Championship. Then he continued to win four consecutive National

championships. He was the first ballroom dance instructor of Beijing Dance Academy, from there he

taught many students to win championships from various competitions. He has taught throughout

China and Hong Kong with students from all over the world.