Shaolin Kungfu + Leadership Skills Course

Shaolin Kungfu + Leadership Skills Course

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6th to 12th grade

Sessions 8/5 — 8/9, 8/12 — 8/16, 8/26 — 8/30/2019

In the Leadership Skills Workshop, you will learn how to cultivate critical thinking and action skills to develop yourself as a leader. You will also learn to design your future, fully express yourself, communicate with ease, and dynamically deal with breakdowns in school & life.

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Program Introduction Letter

The world we live in is becoming increasingly complex and not so easy to navigate using the guidance systems and education developed in the last century.

In this new age of networks, winners and losers are no longer determined by the certificates you hold, but your ability to make powerful assessments about what matters and what should be ignored, and dynamically shift and correct your course as you face challenges.

There are more choices available to young people for careers, work, and money than ever before. But to create a satisfying life—a life of service and power, one must possess the capacity to sense opportunity and take action to realize it. We call these kinds of capacities, leadership & entrepreneurial sensibilities. With these skills, we will prepare you to not only succeed in your career but also take leadership in bringing important new changes to businesses, institutions, and other areas of life. 

With the right kind of mentoring, these leadership & entrepreneurial skills and sensibilities could be cultivated, and more easily at a younger age. Unfortunately, traditional career counselors and school teachers are still working from old manuals. Consequently, guidance from these traditional counselors fails to satisfy the concerns young people have today about how they can express themselves in their career choices and realize their full potential. Many find themselves helpless and have nowhere to turn to seek proper guidance.

I personally and repeatedly saw these failures in the lives of many young people that I came across and experienced their frustrations and dissatisfaction grow with schools and commonly available guidance systems. Addictions to entertainment, social media, and drugs, and rising depression levels are consequences of these breakdowns.

This moved me to study carefully and learn how to help others with their careers. To succeed in the time that is fast approaching, and to build satisfying careers, young people must learn to think dynamically, and not with stuck and old formulas.

The old model of schooling and colleges is not working, and young people are beginning to realize this. This does not mean you should abandon school, but rather learn to use the resources and institutions in such a way so they become a source of power and not a burden.

Millennials are sharper, more aware, and more knowledgeable than any generation before. Many are sick and tired of “command and control” type instructional and career-building mechanisms invented for the 20th century.

Young people today want to have a deeper connection with their career and future jobs. Some even want to start their own businesses during or shortly after high school and choose entrepreneurship as a way of life. Young people today want to have careers where they earn well while taking care of others and making a strong positive contribution to society.  But the schools are not preparing them for this new way of being.

Over time I met other people who share my concerns about the future of young people. Together we helped countless young people identify career maps and take action towards creating powerful lives. Early successes and the urgency of the matter further has motivated us to establish the School of Young Entrepreneurs (SYE). At SYE we help young people become responsible and active designers of their own careers and lives. 

At SYE, we teach young people how to think entrepreneurially, deal with difficult life circumstances, and make powerful choices about their futures and career. Here, you are encouraged to bring forward your most difficult questions about career and life. In conversations with me, you will observe the world from a new perspective and learn how to think and assess various career paths and choices and create a dynamic map for the next 5-10 years of your life.

The curriculum includes reading, writing, listening, observational, and conversational exercises, and is customized for each young person.

The availability is limited so register asap if you want to take the program to learn how to think and move dynamically like an entrepreneur about your career and life.  The skills you will learn here will be with you for the rest of your life. We will start with an interesting book “Javi’s Manual” by Maria Lettlier Flores, where young people find themselves in challenging situations and learn to deal with them.  

I look forward to seeing you in the program.


Additional details: 

  • 6th grade-12th grade

  • Meet daily for 1.5-2 hours @ SSKA for 1 week

  • Small group and individualized growth curriculum 


Topics Covered in Curriculum


  • Leadership And Self Expression

  • Coping with School

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills 

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Public Speaking

  • Writing Skills

  • Listening Skills

  • Mind Focus Training 

  • Art, Film, and Poetry

  • Designing Life as a Work of Art 

  • Waking up to Monstrosities and Opportunities of Our Era

Advanced topics:

  • Learning to Study and Use Philosophy (Eastern and Western)

  • Meaning of Family (Local and Global Families)

  • Caring for Our Common Mother 

  • Learning to Learn and Navigation of Moods

  • Designing your Life Map  

  • Becoming a Legend 

  • Advanced Communication Skills

  • Startups,  Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

  • Operating Systems of Economies (Capitalism, Socialism, & Democracy)

  • Ontology of Power 

  • Architecture of Society 

  • Navigating in Technology 

  • Capstone Project

  • Preparing to Get an Internship, Job, or Start a New Business



In the Leadership Course, I learned critical thinking skills and insights about life. It helped me navigate through school better, choose my career, prepare for college, and get a scholarship. I studied various thinkers and philosophers and learned about the design of our society and my role in it.
— Victoria R.

Safety and Privacy of Young People

The safety and privacy of young people is a much-required foundation for creating a nourishing learning environment. And it is of paramount importance to me and my staff here at Conceivian. We promise to treat all young people like we would our own children, with dignity, and respect and take all necessary precautions to ensure an environment of trust and optimal growth. If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me via


About the Mentor

Saqib Rasool - SYE Mentor.JPG

Born in Pakistan, Saqib Rasool, self-taught computer technology and started his first business at the age of 18, which partially financed his travel expenses to the United States. He arrived in the US with no prior ability to speak English and just enough money to survive for the first few months. He traveled from state to state, faced and dealt with difficulties, and found opportunities.

Earlier in his career, Saqib worked for Microsoft in key technical and management roles.  He later went on to found the Metafos Inc., aimed at revolutionizing the online payment systems. He founded Conceivian, a startup accelerator, widely recognized for helping develop over a dozen tech startups in Seattle and Silicon Valley. He also co-founded Harvester Academy to help consultants and coaches build successful careers.

In the process of living an entrepreneurial life, Saqib enjoyed many successes, suffered failures, and studied eastern and western philosophies to make sense of it all.

Saqib holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from Minnesota State University and has completed an advanced program in innovation and entrepreneurship, Dwelling, with Pluralistic Networks in Berkley, California.  He is a voracious reader and an avid tinkerer and is personally and professionally committed to designing, building, and helping run businesses where he sees a convergence of social and economic interests.

Saqib is deeply passionate about helping the younger generations build powerful careers and cultivate skills for navigating effectively in the 21st century.

To learn more about Saqib please visit