Meditation, Qigong, & Tea Ceremony

Meditation, Qigong, & Tea Ceremony


All Ages Welcomed

Monday — Friday / 10am — 11 am

Under the guidance of a trained teachers, you will learn how to meditate, practice Qi-gong, and participate in the Chinese tea ceremony.



Ming Hao

Buddhist Name: Chen Wei


1993 Graduated from the Department of Architecture of Southeast University. In 2002, he founded [New Concept Design Co., Ltd.] as the current chief architect and chairman. Diligent in the end of the Chinese culture ten years, I can't solve the problem. After I went to the lower group, I went to practice the Buddhism, and I went to the first step to be a monk. In 2017, due to the convergence of karma, relying on the big letter of the lay, join [such as Zen]. In 2018, during the internal retreat of Jiuhuashan in China, such as Zen, he realized the true meaning of life, and since then he has opened the journey of self-consciousness, consciousness and perfection. Based on the Zen genre, Hua Yanxiang, and the use of knowledge, it is straightforward, straightforward, and straightforward, presenting a vivid Zen method.


1. if you are sitting still

2. three at the same time

3. meditation shakuhachi

4. meditation tea ceremony

5. interpretation of Chinese cultural classics


Huang Yuan

Buddhist Name: Ming En

  • Specialized in children’s education, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) psychotherapy, natural therapy, Taoist health care, business management.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Acupuncture and Massage, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, 2014

  • Six Years Practical Training of Taiyi Daoist Health Maintenance Teachers 10 years as an assistant doctor to Mr. Zou Weijun, a descendant of Jinling TCM medical tradition.

  • In 2016, he was qualified as a national first-class fitness Qigong judge.

  • 11 Years major Regional Sales Manager of foreign enterprises (United Lihua Company and Lu Xue Company)

  •  In March 2018, he joined the Rushi Zen and followed Master Daxin to practice Zen. His Zen name was Ming En.

  •  In 2019, I met with a folk hermit and practiced Qihuang Medical style together.


  1. Qihuang Doctor’s Health Preservation (Standing Pile, Baduanjin, Qigong Guiding Technique, Moxibustion)

  2. Zou’s speech therapy

  3. Vocal tone conditioning