Chinese Calligraphy and painting+ East dance Academy

Chinese Calligraphy and painting+ East dance Academy

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Ages 3-8 years old

Offered 6/24-6/28, 7/1-7/5, 7/8-7/12, 7/15-7/19, Mon-Fri

9 AM-4 PM

Early Bird before May 31

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In this summer camp students will learn dance in the morning and calligraphy in the afternoon.

Chinese calligraphy is a kind of art based on Chinese characters. How should we learn Chinese calligraphy? What's the right method to learn Chinese calligraphy? These are what this course focus on. We‘ll start from our calligraphy learning from the very basic knowledge, then gradually move to more complicated things. From one stroke to more stokes, from simple characters to compound characters. You will also know some Chinese culture in this lesson.

Classes at the East Dance Academy are composed of basic ballet training, stretching exercises and dance routines. These practices will help young children to learn about coordination, music rhythms and discover their dance potentials, through basic stretching exercises and activities. We will teach popular ballets such as Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. We will also teach traditional Chinese dances.