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The Academy

Established in 2011, Seattle Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (SSKA) offers authentic traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, and Wellness classes alongside several Arts & Sciences programs to kids, adults, and seniors.

We have served over a thousand students from Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, Sammamish, Kirkland and other major cities in the Greater Seattle Area.

Our academy is headed by classically trained Shaolin Kung Fu master, Zhou, Lei who specialized in traditional Shaolin Boxing and Wellness exercises in his 25+ years of practice.

Shaolin Kungfu is a well-developed 1500-year old system for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. At Seattle Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (SSKA) offer excellent programs for young people and adults of all ages, that help build character, discipline, balance and flexibility, agility, and strength.

Shaolin Kung Fu offers a great fitness program to people of all ages that helps to cope with today's stressful work, school, and home environments. You may also come here to lose weight and learn self-defense techniques.

For seniors and people interested in the internal cultivation, we offer Wellness class that includes Qigong, Taichi, Ba-Duan Jin, Yijin Jing, Xisui Jing, and Soft Fist exercise. These exercises work with and in the process enhance your own life energy. Wellness classes will regulate your breathing, help you achieve balance and inner strength, and significantly strengthen your tendons and muscles.

Also, we also offer, many on-going and seasonal programs in Arts & Sciences. We believe that the study of arts is vital to developing character, and the study science to building a sharp intellect.

You can take a trial class or start with 1-month unlimited access pass. We look forward to seeing you.

—Students and Staff at SSKA

Meet the Master

Master Zhou is a former warrior monk from the renowned Shaolin Temple in the Henan province. Master Zhou has practiced Kung Fu for over 25 years. After years of arduous training and intensive study of Shaolin Kung Fu, he quickly rose to the top and received the honor to be accepted by the Shaolin Temple Abbot as his student.

Over the years, Master Zhou has participated in various Kung Fu tournaments and have won national and international honors and awards. He is well-known for his act of supporting himself inverted on only two finger— an extraordinary technique known as the "Two Finger Chan." In 2004, he won first place in The First World Traditional Wushu Festival held by the International Wushu Federation.

In 2006, he became a champion in The Second World Traditional Wushu Championships due to his outstanding performance of Shaolin Di Tang Mei Hua Fist.

In 2008, Master Zhou won the TCAAT Martial Arts Championship, an international and annual athletic tournament held in the United States.

Aside from his extraordinary performance in different international martial arts events, Master Zhou has a deep passion for teaching martial arts and helping other people grow. He was one of the few to be selected from thousands of monks to share Shaolin education and culture in the United States. Master Zhou accepted the mission of bringing important aspect of Chinese culture to the United States.

In 2010, Master Zhou moved permanently to the state of Washington and opened Seattle Shaolin Kungfu Academy in the Bellevue area—with the aim to build a community in the Greater Seattle Area via the physical and cultural education of Shaolin that promotes "Unity of Chan and Body". Since the opening, he has guided more than a thousand students in the Greater Seattle Area.

As the founder of Shaolin Kungfu Academy, I am content with the past years of our school’s development. The students’ daily improvement in their endeavors is my big reward. But what’s most important, is that my students successfully inherit the spirit of Shaolin: Compassion, Wisdom, Peace, and Harmony. These four elements elevate the value of our life. With this, Shaolin Kungfu learners become stronger and happier day by day.
— Master Zhou

Our Teachers

We have hand-picked and invited some of the best experts of their domains to offer extracurricular courses in collaboration with Shifu Zhou at SSKA.

Here are some of our teachers. Please check back as this list is frequently updated.


Seattle Shaolin Kungfu Academy
13241 NE 20th St.
Bellevue, WA 98005
United States



+1 (425) 241-9286 (US)


10am – 8pm Tuesday-Friday
10am – 3pm Weekends
Closed on Mondays