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Student Testimonial

Great place to learn authentic Shaolin kung fu, Shifu Zhou is very talented and is the real deal when it comes authentic Shaolin kung fu. He has an extensive background and many pictures of his time in China when he was at the Shaolin temple, has a lot of respect amongst the Chinese community around here as well.

The classes are very good, challenging but keep you pushing to be better and better (great work out).

Students learn everything from empty hand forms - weapon forms (Bo staff, nunchucks, sword, and more).

Self-defense techniques are taught as well and are done in repetition so you have no doubt in your mind what to do when it happens.

Each class is slightly different, you won’t find yourself doing the same monotonous class every day like some places around here. One day you might be doing more aerobic type things the next your climbing ropes and doing more condition, and then your working more on sparring techniques and throws.

The amount of knowledge Shifu Zhou has is amazing. Great place for kids and adults and even the elderly in the adult wellness class.
— Daniel B.
It is with great pleasure I write this recommendation for Shifu Zhou.

For the past many years, I have been looking for some form of exercise that focused on mind and body wellness. I searched and searched and tried many Yoga and martial arts teachers. Most people I met are either out there to purely make money, or even with the best of intentions, are clueless and not properly trained to be masters.

I met Shifu Zhou about a year ago and consider it my extremely good luck. In the plethora of martial arts teachers, Shifu Zhou stands above all like a titan. He is a truly authentic Kungfu and Qi-Gong master who came to Seattle on a mission to teach the mysterious and powerful arts of Shaolin. I go to the academy 5 times a week and learn both Kungfu and Qi-Gong. My health has improved tremendously. Allergies are significantly down and gut issues are under control. And I have found a life-long sport to play.

When I was doing hot yoga, I was having at least one muscle or joint injury a month. Frankly, I was expecting a lot more injuries while playing Shaolin. Interestingly enough, and knock on wood, I have had zero major injuries since I started. A lot of credit goes to Shifu Zhou. He knows each of his student’s condition intimately. He is very patient and kind and takes extra precautions to make sure that people are safe while practicing.

I recommend Shifu Zhou without reservation to anyone who wants to improve their health and learn a life-long skill of Shaolin Kungfu.
— Saqib R.
[Due to a family tragedy] heart was broken and I got sick. So I sent a letter to Master Lei Zhou. I never expected to hear anything back from him, but I got a phone call, not once but twice, which ended up with private lessons every Friday for a few years. I felt anew. He is the most patient teacher I’ve ever had and has a spirit of peace around him. Master Zhou is the real deal.
— E. S.
I love the adult wellness class. It’s not tai chi, but it’s not martial arts. The first two months I didn’t really feel much of a workout, but then one day it just clicked and I started to perspire a lot. I guess i was finally doing the exercises properly so my entire system was working. The classes are relatively small ( usually no more than 10), so there is one on one coaching. This is one of the primary reasons why I prefer this studio over the 4-5 places I visited around Bellevue Redmond.

The instructor speaks mainly mandarin, although he knows a little English. English speakers don’t be shy, there are PLENTY of bi-lingual folks who can interpret. In fact he has quite a few students that dont speak one iota of mandarin, and they do just fine.

His technique is beautiful. I’ve gone to studios where advanced students teach the beginner classes, and in my opinion their technique still looks rigid and sloppy. I won’t spend money to have a student teach me. Master is extremely proficient and it shows because I feel a physical difference when he corrects my movements.

His teaching style for adults is very effective. He first teaches you the motions, then he goes back and fine tunes everything (breathing, holding positions, etc). I really like the guy a lot. I’ve only gone for 3months, so I don’t know what classes are like for more advanced students.

If ur looking for Bloodsport style training, based on my experience, this isn’t the place for you. But I have noticed that Master does adapt his level of criticism based on each students’ personal expectations and their ability to execute instructions.

If you’re wondering how this shaolin style academy differs from others, I went through that too. What I learned after visiting the different studios, is that they teach the same forms-literally. The difference is the instructor’s style, the studio’s philosophy, atmosphere and what you want. This studio is about personal development and not necessarily competition, rankings, and advancing in belt colors.
— Yoo H.
This is a great martial arts school. My girlfriend and I have been doing some “extensive” research into traditional martial arts schools around our area and this school has exceeded our expectations by far. I have trained in other martial arts, such as Tae Kwon Do, Wushu/Taichi, Shotokan Karate, and Judo - so I’ve been around the block a few times.

On the outside, it may not look like much, but the quality of instruction is fantastic. If you’re looking for a black belt school (Fast, easy and quick promotions. Schools that are more focused on money rather then producing good students) - look elsewhere. If your looking to learn real Shaolin Kungfu then you have found the place. There’s less focus on sashes/belts/badges/etc and more focus on learning the art.

Master Zhou, the owner and head instructor of the school, was a 34th generation Shaolin Monk and is the real deal. Two-finger pushups and handstand? Check. Throwing a needle through glass? Check. Badass Moves? Check. Haha, in all seriousness he’s passionate about martial arts and teaching it. He’s very focused on proper technique and meaning behind the movements - so that it is not what I call “empty movement”. Many Chinese martial arts schools teach what is called “sports” kungfu/wushu where they are more focused on the visuals rather than the practical applications. You’ll learn the cool moves and how to use it.

Trust me on this. Give it a try. You won’t regret it. :)
— Peter U.

Parent Testimonials

My son has been going to the studio for the past six months. He absolutely loves the classes. We started Kung Fu in the summer as something fun to try, but he loves the classes so much and we are now signed up for a regular twice-weekly plan. The studio has classes six days a week that would fit in our schedule.
— Jenny B.
I registered my 8 yr. old son and after almost 2 months, we can tell he really likes it and enjoy being one of Master Zhou’s student.
— Edithmar A.

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Extraordinary Martial Artist of the World Award

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